Open from Friday 1/9 until Saturday 9/9.

“You call this work” an exhibition by Tova Rudin-Lundell.

Since 2020 I have been working in the area of Slakthusområdet, where I also have my studio, an area subject to a massive urban transformation. My work can be read as an intimate study of the ongoing changes in the area, executed in a scale close to the human body. 

Part of this ongoing work was presented through the exhibition “Body was here”, 2021, at Slakthusateljéerna. This new exhibition, “You call this work”, can be read as a second chapter.

Opening hours:

Friday 1/9, Opening 16-20
Saturday 2/9, Open 13-17
Sunday 3/9, Open 13-17

Thursday 7/9, Open 12-18
Friday 8/9, Open 12-18
Saturday 9/9, Open 13-17

Or by appointment, please contact