Northern Bumbling, Exhibition and Presentation at Slakhusateljéerna, July 29 at 17-23

northernbumbling Northern Bumbling is a joint Nordic art, design, and research network with participants from Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Opening up the project room at Slakthusatljéerna for a one-night-only exhibition the participants will present and discuss recent work.

The event is in English and participation is free of charge. There will be presentations and discussion at 18:00. Around 19 we will start the barbeque on the backyard, bring your own food and drinks. Welcome!

Erik Sjödin (Sweden) will present promotional material from the bumblebee mail order industry, making visible contemporary human – insect relationships in agriculture.

Marius Presterud (Norway) will present work in progress from his ‘Nature as History’ series, where he uses the Northern marches surrounding Oslo as a springboard for speculative interventions.

Thomas Pausz (Iceland) is investigating real and imaginary overlaps between human and insect architecture, from scientific enquiries creating artificial conditions for interspecies collaborations to the dystopian imaginary of insects invasions in films.

The Northern Bumbling network focuses on humans precarious relationships with other species, in particular in the Nordic region. Through the combined efforts of the participants art, research, and design practices, the network wishes to explicate current states of affairs, and explore ways of multi-species living in cold climates, for futures that alternates from the bumbling present.

The Northern Bumbling network, and the individual work of the participants in the project, is supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Office of Contemporary Art Norway, the Art Council Norway and the Swedish-Icelandic Co-operation Fund.

When: Saturday July 29 2017, 17:00 – 23:00. Presentations at 18:00.
Where: Slakthusateljéerna project room, T-Globen, Bolidenvägen 22