Ett Rum Med Utsikt

ETT RUM MED UTSIKT  / A ROOM WITH A VIEW is an art project in and about the Slakthus- and Globen areas (Slakthusområdet is Stockholm’s meatpacking district).

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In 2010 the studio collective Slakthusateljéerna was formed in an empty building on Hallvägen 21 in Slakthusområdet in Stockholm. It is here, in the project space of Slakthusateljéerna, that the concept of A ROOM WITH A VIEW is born. In a room with large windows in several directions we find a lookout post over a place in rapid transformation. Outside the windows we see yet another arena emerge piece by piece. We hear of plans for housing units, a “food city,” shopping and a new “Stockholm Entertainment District.”

Place, culture and experience have come to play an increasingly important role in our society, as growth engines and commodities. Meatpacking districts around the world are transformed from places of production, to places for art, culture and exclusive living, modeled on the example of New York’s Meatpacking District. Slakthusområdet in Stockholm is no exception. According to Vision Söderstaden 2030 this place is to be developed into an area for “world-class” entertainment experiences. Previous urban planning and political visions remain here, even as they clash with and are exchanged for new ones. This situation provide us with an opportunity, grounded in a concrete place, to research and deepen a number of questions on the ideology, practice and politics of place. What does this development mean for Slakthusområdet? For what and for whom is space created? How do we discuss the past, present and future of this place? Can we, by examining what is in front of us, also catch a glimpse of a larger context and thereby broaden the discussions on the city and urban development?

A ROOM WITH A VIEW tries out new approaches for how one as an artist/ architect can examine, act, intervene and influence the development of the city. Through collective research, artistic methods and public events with invited guests we create a narrative of a place in transition.

The project was initiated in 2011 and is run by artists Maria Andersson, Eva Arnqvist, Karin Lindh and architect Adriana Seserin.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW is funded by Stockholms Stad and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


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